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The Original Superheroes

The New Album by
Jayadev’s Mantra Crew

Jayadev’s Latest Album retells the story of the world’s original superheroes through music, but not the music you’d expect!

Bringing people together though the power of choral music. Having played at over 170 venues and produced multiple digital-choir music videos, it’s definately worth a look!

A Space 2 B is a children’s book created by Jayadev to help improve self-esteem in kids through the power or positive affirmation and mindfulness.

About Starbox Productions

With so many music projects on the go Jayadev decided to bring everything under one roof (cue to a song!) and launch his own production company namely Starbox Productions, and of course a new company needs a shiny new website. You can now find all of Jayadev’s music projects past, present and future here. We hope you’ll enjoy the new website, please let us know what you think.

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